AI-powered Voice Analytics capabilities for Adobe Creative Cloud platform

OMG! Isn’t that really great!!

I have been working on Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligent Suite, which transforms data into actionable insight.

It helps to build smarter applications with Cloud-based Big Data and Advanced Analytics. It makes use of intelligent innovative agents to build solutions, by getting closer to customers and understanding them better. It also delivers Cloud-based Security while easily managing complex data streams as the business needs continue to grow.

However, with Adobe’s new AI-powered voice analytics capabilities we seem to achieve the same or better results in the Cloud Computing field.

Voice-enabled devices and digital assistants allow consumers to engage through one of the most natural forms of communication.

Additions Adobe

With the new generation of products driving innovation, the latest Adobe Analytics data shows that Online Sales of Voice-enabled devices grew by ~39% yearly.

Similarly, mobile devices fundamentally changed the way consumers engage with each other. Voice interface potentially do the same.

Competition is increasing manifolds as different brands are thinking about standout Voice-driven experiences. Adobe is running ahead among many others with its new capabilities provided in Abobe Analytics Cloud, enabling more personalized customer experiences and brand loyalty through Voice-based interfaces.

Through deep analysis of voice data complemented with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Adobe Sensei, brands can gain robust audience insights, while automating traditionally cumbersome manual analysis.

Adobe Sensei

One of the most important trends in Modern technology is ‘How quickly Consumers adopt new ways of interacting with content’.

In this way, Adobe has shaped the web, mobile and customer analytics. Through Adobe Analytics Cloud, brands can capture and analyze voice data for all major platforms including Microsoft Cortana, Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Samsung Bixby.

Recently, I used the Samsung Bixby in my friend’s new Samsung Galaxy S8+ mobile. Its functioning is really impressive. However, still waiting to use the Amazon Alexa!

This new AI capability helps to capture not only the required parameters but also the user’s intent, making it an absolute real experience.

Additional data points including frequency of use and actions were taken after a voice request is made are provided as well. A lot of statistics and data can be inferred with this new mechanism once implemented.

Adobe Sensei focuses on crafting customer interactions that improve voice experiences by creating content that is more relevant.

A restaurant franchise can recognize a customer immediately, target the most ordered items by the customer, fetch the payment methods, etc. Also, a hotel chain, for example, can recognize a customer immediately, and target the traveler with ideas on ways to spend reward points through the loyalty program, such as at an upcoming live show or new reservation.

They could even send promotional invites to loyal guests, unlocking a special offer when spoken to a Voice-enabled device.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

Integration of Voice analysis with Adobe Marketing Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud ensures that every digital interaction a customer has, is a continuous and relevant one!


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