First Smart Headphone with Artificial Intelligence – Vinci

Isn’t that awesome! I really want it as soon as possible…

So, what’s new? Let’s get to the core of this new AI-powered device.

Powered by AI, Vinci is a Voice-controlled Headphone and a Personal Assistant, with Smart Noise Cancelling and Immersive 3D Sound, developed by Inspero Inc. at San Francisco.

4,885 backers pledged $987,384 to help bring this Project to Life.

Vinci believes in a Future where Headphones are the Central Hub of your connected world. It took almost two years of testing and perfecting this smart, wireless headphone controlled by Voice and powered by Cloud technology. Also, no mobile phone connection is required.

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There are 2 versions of Vinci available: The Basic model and the Pro model. Wireless Charging and ANC is only available for Vinci Pro model. Both the models Product Specifications have been provided at the end of this blog along with an Overall Review.

Vinci is perfect for joggers, travelers and all music lovers. Also being wireless and phone-free, all the hassles of wires tangling and carrying the extra burden reduces.

Using the AI-powered Voice Control mechanism, it allows to control the music playlist, whereas manually choosing songs on your phone is inconvenient.  No matter what we are doing – walking, running, or commuting – we can tell Vinci exactly what song or artist we want to listen to, say a specific genre or mood, or let Vinci pick a song for us.

Voice-controlled and hands-free, Vinci connects us with music requests, information, directions, local venue recommendations, reminders, and much more.

When we need Vinci’s help, simply saying “Hey Vinci” or using a finger to press and hold down on the touch screen, makes it instantly recognize our voice command to assist us right away. Vinci is a standalone device, so there’s no need to connect to or search your mobile phone. Enjoy total freedom when jogging, traveling, or commuting to work.

It also uses dual-mic noise reduction technology to filter out ambient noise from the desired sound, which improves voice recognition in any noisy environment. It senses and learns from our body vitals, activities, listening habits and preferences to make intelligent, real-time recommendations. We don’t have to choose songs our self. Vinci learns from our body and activity data to pick songs that match your pace, heart rate, and listening preferences.

Vinci can anticipate what we want — from a song choice to an alternative travel route or commute type — before we even realize we need it. Vinci also includes an accelerometer, gyrometer, proximity sensor, optical heart rate sensor, GPS, and compass to deliver impressive personalization.

Vinci Heart


With hundreds of thousands of soundtracks from massive music resources, Vinci learns the abstractive representations of songs, powered by deep learning techniques. Sounds will be extracted as signals, and then fed into neural networks after pre-processing.

Bi-directional Long-Short Term Memory (Bi-LSTM) models the sequential patterns of inputs, while more than one layer of fully-connected neural networks (often known as Multi-Layer Perceptron) enables abstractive learning. User profiles are established by their behaviors (such as “like” or “dislike”) towards recommended songs. Such data are accumulated over time and modeled as temporal transition chains.

With statistics learned, preferences are learned accordingly. In this way, Vinci becomes smarter when deciding what to or not to recommend next time, based on “deep learned” user-song matching.


The Most Interactive Headphones, Ever

Vinci is super easy to use. Put the headphones on and music automatically plays. Remove them and music automatically pauses.

  • Voice commands can be activated by saying “Hey Vinci” or using one finger to press and hold to talk.
  • Listen to text and voice messages read aloud to you by Vinci.
  • Online and offline local storage means you can have anytime, anywhere access to your music, maps, information, and more.

Looks Like a Headphone, Acts Like a Computer

Vinci is a standalone device with a powerful dual-core ARM Cortex-A7 processor, 16 to 32 GB of storage, and its own operating system, built on the Android platform. Vinci’s platform technology is built in the cloud and is powered by natural language processing and artificial intelligence, so it gets smarter and smarter, learning from your speech patterns and preferences. Through its machine learning algorithms, the more you wear Vinci, the more intelligent and personalized it becomes.

data Vinci.png

Key Features: 

  • Wireless Charging for Vinci Pro – A True Wireless Headphone.
  • With 32GB storage, Vinci Pro holds up to 7000 songs in standard MP3 format
  • Connect to internet via WiFi or 3G. When there’s no internet available, Vinci also works in offline mode.
  • Vinci supports standard Bluetooth 4.1 connection to your smartphones (iOS and Android) and computers, for music and calls. Vinci also syncs data with your phone via Bluetooth BLE.
  • Vinci has outstanding battery lifeup to 3 weeks standby time, 50 hours of music playback via Bluetooth, or 10 hours standalone music playback on Vinci
  • Vinci is powered by Vinci Voice OS. Expect regular software updates (auto-updates when connected to the internet) to unlock many exciting new apps and features.
  • Vinci is a super expandable platform based on Android. We plan to provide SDK for Vinci OS later and welcome our community and developers to create exciting apps on our headphone platform.
  • Vinci also supports 3.5mm audio jack, and can be used as traditional headphones for phones, computers, or any other music players. This mode works without consuming battery power of Vinci.

It has a smart Noice cancellation limit of 28dB. When Audio Transparency is on, Vinci allows you to hear important ambient noise around you, such as a car or bike horn. Have a safe run with Vinci headphones.

Vinci Prod Details

Product Specifications:

Overall Review:

  1. Vinci comes with a 1-year limited warranty.
  2. Vinci is not a medical device and we cannot rely on it for accurate results as compared to taking medical tests.
  3. Battery life varies as per location and cellular network provider.
  4. 3rd party services are available but need to be paid for.
  5. Wireless charging pad only for Vinci Pro model.
  6. Vinci is splash proof but not water-resistant.

I’m on the way to buy it. Joining me? Come soon..


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